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Keeping food in a cooler


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Keeping food in a cooler

free sample addict aka Tracy L | Jan 8, 2013 09:32 PM

My fridge died, but the freezer works. The part is on it's way; however, in the mean time what are some guidelines about keeping food safe in a cooler/ice chest? I have been successful eating meals I have frozen meals that I have prepared. My larder is running low and now I am missing fresh meals. With the exception of small amounts of cheese I don't cook with much dairy so I don't need to keep milk. It has been years since I went camping so I am unsure about what keeps and what doesn't. Also, I have a small ice chest, it holds about a days worth of food. I would like to cook with some protiens like chicken or lean ground beef. Most of all I am really missing making eggs on the weekends. I would normally keep the chest outside in but I live in a condo complex and will get written up if I keep it outside (it's been in the 30's at night and 50's during the day).

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