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Keeping blocks of Parmaggiano -- best method?


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Keeping blocks of Parmaggiano -- best method?

sunshine842 | Jun 10, 2011 02:16 PM

Where I live, grated parmesan cheese is expensive and crummy, but I can buy real (stamped) Parmaggiano Reggiano in chunks for a pretty reasonable price (tastes better, too!)

Question is -- what's the best way to keep it? I know it's not advisable to put cheese in sealed plastic, as it needs the oxygen. But if I put it in papier traiteur (a two-layer wrap used in delis and cheesemongers here in France with a layer of gas-permeable plastic bonded to a layer of paper) it tends to dry out and get too hard to grate.

What say you? (Delucacheesemonger, are you listening?)

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