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Try it, you like it . . .or maybe you keel over


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Try it, you like it . . .or maybe you keel over

lucia | Jun 11, 2002 02:39 PM

Reading that tomato leaves thread, I'm thinking that some people never outgrow the urge to put whatever they encounter into the old mouth and chew.

Take skunk cabbage, which smells like the devil. The Northeast tribes used to pick the leaves, dry them, powder them, and add them to berries to make the whole mess more palatable. Probably tasted vile.

It must've taken so much trial and error to come up with that recipe. Like inventing acupuncture. What were they thinking?

I remember as a kid sitting in a hyacinth tree eating the seed pods every day until I felt sick. And trying banana skin and dog biscuits.

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