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Katsu cooking method

icecold | Nov 10, 2002 01:33 PM

I pride myself and have been told a couple of times that I am a rather good cook, with pretty good fundemental cooking techniques. This however has been perturbing me. I have known how to make katsu for a long time and somewhat prefected the technique and could come up with something really decent but I always run into two problems when making katsu.

I use a three step method of corn flour, egg, and ponko flakes before frying in med high heat. My chicken katsu always come up nice and golden brown, crisp and cooked thru but they always for some reason become soggy from the juicy chicken meat. That's the first problem. I always eat at japanese restaurants around the world and have realized that they dun have this issue and the meat is always extremely tender. The second problem is how do I achieve that tender texture.

I know a sure way of tenderizing meat is to treat them with bicarbonate soda for an hour and washing it off before cooking. But is that how the Japanese do it? I seriously doubt it. I know this site is frequented by many amatuer cooks like myself and professionals, so I hope to get an insight from you guys. Thanks

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