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Kara’s Cupcakes … kinda good actually … organic cupcakes & Flying Goat coffee


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Kara’s Cupcakes … kinda good actually … organic cupcakes & Flying Goat coffee

rworange | Jan 28, 2007 08:23 AM

I like them. I think they are the best cupcake in San Francisco. I will be back.

I don’t know why … but the few negative comments about Kara’s on the board stuck in my mind and re-reading the thread below, I was surprised to see so many positive comments.

The staff is pleasant and there is a nice picture of the shop on the website (link at end). There’s also a close-up of the cupcakes on the menu page.

They are pricy but they have mini versions of all their cupcakes ($2). I like this from a calorie perspective. I can have my cupcake and not feel too guilty eating it. Regular sized-cupcakes are $3 … $3.25 filled.

If the product is good I have no problem paying for quality. I have no problem with the prices at Kara’s.

Looked at the site and my jaw dropped because there is a map with number on it. What’s this? Chain? Nope … just a list of the organic suppliers like Guistos Organic Flour.

I had:

Meyer Lemon
Perfect crumb vanilla cupcake … this is what I talk about when looking for the classic birthday cake. Nice and buttery without being overwhelming. Lovely light whipped lemon butter cream and dab of lemon curd filling.

Chocolate Velvet - chocolate cupcake with bittersweet buttercream that is covered with grated chocolate. It was a different crumb than the lemon but good.

The buttercream is that light type that is more like whipped cream. I usually like the denser version, but I really liked this frosting.

The organic Flying Goat coffee from Sonoma is brewed with a French press

They bake all day, replacing empty trays with just-baked trays. I was there at 4 pm and fresh cupcakes were still coming out of the kitchen. They are open until 10 pm on Friday & Saturday if you need a late-nite cupcake fix.

OK, the new avatars have made me lose my mind … I might as well throw in a ‘star’ rating … four out of five stars … they are a very satisfying cupcake … some of the best around … I’ll definitely try them all one at a time … but they don’t achieve that rare … whatever … that moves any food for me from very, very good to amazing … then again, I’ve only tried two. Amazing might be waiting in another flavor … maybe fleur de sel?

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Kara’s Cupcakes

3249 Scott St
San Francisco
(415) 563-2253

Closed Monday
10 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
10 a.m.-10 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday

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