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Kansas City ( rambling report)

Bobfrmia | Jul 31, 2006 03:51 PM

A good and bad time last Thursday and Friday. Got into town about lunch time and checked in at Harrahs. Headed straight for L.C's. Mouth watering in anticipation of my burnt ends, I pulled in to an empty lot. The white sign on the door not a good thing. "Closed for plumbing problems" This was bad on so many levels.
Not a goood start for a trip that you are hoping to be lucky on.
What do you do when your brain is ready for L.C.'s, but it ain't gonna happen?
Where to go with no directions because "I don't need to bring the map right now, I know how to get to LC's".
So headed west on I-70 thinking I could find Bryants and get my comparison started. As we entered the downtown area, I-70 became a parking lot. Bailing out at the first exit I could get off on, I was just driving aimlessly, as men do, until I came to Broadway. My razor sharp mind recalled that the Peanut was near Broadway, and I soon found myself ordering the famous BLT and some wings. It was about 1:30 and the place was empty. Must have missed the lunch crowd, cause I can't imagine this little gem doesn't pack em in.
Very nice staff. Not shy about their language or conversations, but not in an offensive way. I was very comfortable just yelling, "Hey Ashley, can we get a couple more beers" as I had been instructed.
The BLT was very good. Top of the line Bacon. Everything on the sandwich seemed to be high quality. A good BLT must contain good tomatoes. This one did. I was a bit disappointed with the amount of bacon, but will remedy this by springing for the extra bacon for just 1.40 next time, and there will be a next time. The wings are huge whole wings. Just out of the fryer and coated in a good sauce, I could eat a lot of these. The sauce has a bit more black pepper than most, but otherwise is a fairly standard wing sauce. It is the wing itself that makes these well worth the stack of napkins it will take to keep you looking human. Don't know where they get wings that big, but after eating them I felt like I could hit home runs like Barry Bonds.
Ashley provided us with directions back to our hotel that would avoid the Interstate traffic jam, and even wrote down the phone number in case we got lost. A real sweetheart.
The evening concert was cancelled. Luck was turning bad again. The nights dinner was comped at the hotels buffet. It was mostly standard buffet food. Nothing that made you gag, nothing that made you run back up for more. LOT's to choose from.
They did have Prime rib. First time through they were down to medium to well done slices. After seeing them bring out a new one, I had them slice me a nice rare piece. This was by far the highlight of the buffet.
Friday luchtime brought a return to LC's. Open front door, smoke billowing out, perfect. Walked in to a room so full of smoke you could barely see. LC yelled that the exhaust fan was broke, but they were open. Fine. I have no problem walking around smelling of LC's.
Ordered my burnt ends and a beef sandwich for GF. "We're out of beef". OMG!!
So after openly weeping for several minutes, we opted for a pork sandwich and smoked sausage. The pork was smoky, tender, and plentiful. Although cold, it was very good. The sausage was ok. A little like a smoked meatloaf. Coarse ground, not much spice, and being consumed by someone wanting burnt ends.
We then went to the racetrack where the Richard Petty driving school was selling rides around the racetrack. We each took a few laps around the track in the #8 Budweiser chevy. While not food related, I mention it because it was the highlight of the trip.
Dinner was tough. GF didn't want more Q, so AB's was out. Decided to just go grab a pizza and a beer. We went to Minsky's. I remembered seeing them mentioned on Chowhound, just couldn't remember if it was good or bad. No problem. No bias.
We ordered an Italian sausage sandwich, and a Mediterranean pizza on original crust. Lamb sausage, sundried tomatoes, spinach and feta. I asked if original crust was limp. The waitress said she could order it cooked crisp. We did.
The sandwich was just ok. Good bread, ok sauce, sausage not memorable. The pizza was good. The toppings were first rate and I loved the lamb sausage. The crust was unremarkable. These toppings on a better crust would bring me back. Being able to wash it down with Fat Tire on tap was a big bonus. Don't worry, I had my share of Bully while I was in town, but we don't get Fat Tire in Iowa.
Luck left me for good Friday night and I left early Saturday morning
without the planned trip to Arthur Bryants. I blame it on LC's.
The good news is that after 2 days at Harrahs, the comps should start rolling in and I'll no doubt be back to try again soon.
Could you get that construction wrapped up for me?

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