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Kang Suh (continued from General Topics)


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Kang Suh (continued from General Topics)

Peter | Feb 28, 2001 02:57 PM

If Kang Suh served something that was much better than other Korean places, then maybe I could tolerate their attitude and the bad banchan, especially kim chee. But since it is smack dab in the middle of little Korea, why bother?

Part of the attitude problem might have been that I was alone. But a) I've been there before alone, and I am a generous tipper, esp. when alone, unless something is really wrong b) I went at an off-hour, I wasn't taking up a table that would have otherwise been used by a group of 4. c)Even if I was, I would have been willing to share a table or sit at the counter, but they didn't ask me to.

Of course, now that Jin Dae Lae opened up around the corner from my house, I don't go to little Korea as often as I used to, anyway.

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