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Kamado or Gas

jdubb88 | Sep 29, 2012 06:45 AM

Hi All. I was in the market for a new gas grill. I bought my first grill about 3 years ago, a brinkman that is now rusted out and decaying on my patio. During this time I got into Weber and charcoal. So much so that I have the smoky mountain and a kettle with the rotisserie, side table and kettle/side table cover. After seeing the quality of Weber products, I decided to look into a Weber gas grill. I was leaning toward the Genesis 310. I went to a great grill store and looked at many grills. The salesman was very knowledgeable, he showed me the guts of the grills and informed me that, had I bought Weber 3 or 4 years ago it would have lasted a very long time. If you buy one today, they will last you about 5 to 10 years. Then you can replace the innards for about $200. He pointed me toward a broil master if I wanted something that would last longer than the Weber. While the broil master seems like a great grill, it is very ugly.

As I was leaving he showed me the big green egg. It will last a lifetime, you might have to replace the SS grill grates after about 10 years. You can smoke, bake, fry, sear...pretty much do anything cooking wise. The draw hack is that it’s small expensive and fragile. Since this visit, the dealer said he could give me a "good deal on a Kamado Joe" I don’t know how much yet, I'll find out next week.

What was drawing me toward a gas grill was the convenience for those weekday grilling sessions for my wife and I, which is about 90% of the grilling I do, and the grilling space for parties.

Do kamados really heat up to >500°C in 10-20 minutes? Does the food actually taste better cooked on a kamado than it would on a kettle or gasser? Could I get away with cooking for 30-50 people on a kamado with the grill extender (3-4 times a year)? Is a kamado silly for me to buy at this point after buying the WSM, rotisserie exc? PS if I do go with the kamado I'll start thinking about selling my Weber stuff.

So it’s a kamado Joe, genesis 310 or a Broil master H4X. I've been debating hard, working Google to the bone and still can't!!!

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