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June Shanghai itinerary (in progress...)


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June Shanghai itinerary (in progress...)

hyperbowler | May 16, 2013 10:52 PM

I'm heading to Shanghai from San Francisco in early June. As the two of us fill in our activity itinerary, I'll post with more questions about specific locations and restaurants. In the meantime, I have a few questions about what has been planned below.

We're only interested in eating Chinese food. I'd like to focus on food from Shanghai and the nearby regions, but would be game for other Chinese dishes/regional cuisines unobtainable in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We'll also be heading to Huangshan, so if you have any tips about that, let me know!

Are there any seasonal specialties we should be on the lookout for? The only one I've read about is 五香烤子魚 / Wǔxiāng kǎoziyú / Five-spice roasted anchovy.

Our verbal language skills are nil, but we're both skilled at pointing to whatever other people are eating, and I plan to research dishes so that I can recognize their characters on a menu.

Dinner : someplace Shanghainese and easily accessible from the East Nanking Road metro. Suggestions besides what's below?

- Yangs dumplings -- shengjianbao
- Jia jia tang bao -- xiao long bao
Lunch: Lan Ting
Drink: at top of Kathleen 5 or Ritz Carlton
Dinner : Southern barbarian -- yunnan eggplant cold starter, yunnan cheese starter, pork with yunnan sauerkraut, spiced BBQ whole fish

Breakfast: corner of yanqing Lu and donghu Lu for scallion pancakes
Travel to Tunxi, Tangkou, and Huangshan. No idea where to eat ...

Lunch: street food at Muslim Market. Any must haves?
Tea : afternoon tea at the Park Hyatt
Dinner: Reservations already made for Jesse @ 41 Tianping Lu. Placed an order for red braised pork (外婆红烧肉) and braised green onion fish head (葱烧鱼头). Will order the wild herbs wrapped in tofu.

Lunch: street food at Sipailou Lu. Any must haves?
Dinner: Reservations made at Fu 1088. Thinking of getting the drunken chicken with frozen wine, sauteed pea shoots and a pork, chicken sweet shrimp sautee with mushrooms, Shizitou lion's head in consomme, Sliced chicken with sour apples, deep fried yellow fish fingers with seaweed (tai tiao yu tiao).


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