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megan | Apr 10, 2005 02:07 PM

I'm always buying foodie books... and when I got home from a recent book buying expedition, along with a copy of a MFK Fisher book I haven't read yet. I also bought a copy of michael Lee West's "Consuming passions".

what I did not notice, until I got home was that it had been signed. The inscription reads:

"Food is not a refueling station, it is recreation"
"Julia child".

I am wondering if the signature is legitimate? The signature is written with a very broad, open hand.. almost childlike. Has anyone seen her signature? any idea of a source to compare? does anyone know of a connection as to why she would have signed that particular book? I would assume since the book isn't that old, it would have to have been signed only a few years ago... I am ever curious.

either way I was happy to find the book, but an authentic signature would make it all the more special.

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