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Dylan Yolles | Feb 13, 2002 03:58 PM

I thought I might buy a fruit juicer. It turns out that this is a much more complicated thing to do than one might expect. (I have been looking at the website which has many possibilities but no final answers.) There are many different models out there and it seems that none is perfect.

Basically I am looking for the following:

1) Very easy to clean
2) High juice yield
3) Continuous feed
4) Can juice anything (fruits, vegetables, maybe even greens)

Price doesn't really matter. Some units make arcane claims of generating healthier juice than others through "magnets" and all kinds of other gizmos; I don't care much about that either. Other add ons, like flour grinders, pasta machines, and so on, are interesting but not really necessary either.

Thoughts from the experts?

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