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The Joys of Real Butter


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The Joys of Real Butter

krissywats | Jun 20, 2005 08:51 PM

OK - so typically I buy organic sweet cream Horizon butter and use that in baking or sparingly in sauteing or in my eggs. My last trip to the grocery (in Staten Island, NY) I ran upon my usual Horizon butter and grabbed a pack, but right next to it was something I'd never seen before: A 'slab' - for lack of a better word - of butter wrapped in a homespun fashion in butcher paper and with Russian writing all over it. It's barely even closed, much less sealed shut. The only thing I can make out is:

"Kapobka - Sweet Whipped Butter"

From the Liberman Dairy in Philly.
Everything else is in Russian alphabet.

I sauteed two salmon fillets tonight in a bit of olive oil and this butter with some salt, pepper and a bit of garlic and lemon.

Now, I dunno what the difference is but this is the RICHEST tasting butter I've ever experienced. I could have eaten the leftover fat in the pan with a spoon.

Anyone know the difference? If you run across this, I highly recommend.

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