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The joy of eating a pomegranate


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The joy of eating a pomegranate

Flynn | Dec 15, 2002 11:38 AM

Years ago I was never fond of a pomegranate (Chinese apple). It seemed a hassle to peel and then find the seeds were often bitter. I've recently rediscovered this exotic fruit and can't get enough.

I bought a pomegranate over the weekend and it was the size of a small melon. I cut through the skin with a sharp knife and broke it open being careful not to bruise the seed. The sections of fruit were as pretty as a French Impressionist painting. These delicious red sacks of juice were so satisfying, sweet and fun to eat. Like a sweet cranberry. On the plus side they're very high in potassium and Vitamin C.

Sometimes one doesn't need to have a full-blown gourmet meal and the simpler the food the better.

If any 'hounds have suggestions on how to prepare this fruit besides eating it raw, I'd be most appreciative.

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