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Jonathan White's new grass fed, all natural, raw milk, cheeses


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Jonathan White's new grass fed, all natural, raw milk, cheeses

The Rogue | Dec 30, 2002 06:08 PM

The past few Saturdays I have been making a pilgramage to Warwick, NY / Vernon, NJ to get some of Jonathan Whites fantastic grass fed, raw milk, cheeses at the new Bobolink Dairy Farm. The famous Jonathan White is selling three cheeses right now that he created last summer / fall using Amish farmers natural, raw, grass few cows milk. These cheeses are unbelievable! The combination of the richness and flavor of the naturally grass fed cows with Jonathan's touch with his raw milk cheese artistry is amazing.

I am not sure which of the cheeses I like best. His cave aged cheddar, the creamy and nutty Amish Frolic, or the tart and creamy, very complex La Tarte de Vache. He has just started milking his own herd and should have some exceptional fresh raw cheeses of different types available from his own herd in a few months. He mentioned he will soon be making a blue cheese that I can't wait to try.

He also has a new wood fed oven and is making great rustic style dense breads in several styles. Both yeast and starter versions, with different types of grains. It's a great road trip just for the stimulating conversation with Jonathan and his eclectic apprentices. Add the cheese, fresh baked bread, pizzas, calzones,(all using his own fresh ricotta and mozzarella plus his other cheeses for complexity) and add the tastes of his smoked and air dried venison loin that he has hanging next to the warm and smoky oven and the occasional offer of some home brewed beer or zymurgy and you have heaven in the hills. For those who are too far for a road trip (it is not unusual for some folks to come after driving all day or even fly in from abroad to check it out) he does mail order so you won't miss out.

As you can tell I have become a major fan and can't stop talking about his new place. I feel like I practically live there.


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