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John Boos 30 x 23" cutting board - too big?

nikkib99 | Dec 4, 201411:31 PM

I have the John Boos 24x18x2¼ with the steel handles and juice tunnel and I don't like it.
The handles get in the way and I'm just not a fan of it. Since the handles are so annoying, I don't leave it on the counter, but have it tucked away.

I considered getting a similar sized board without the handles, but thinner to reduce the weight until I found a great deal on the larger 30x23x2¼ board. I can get it for $120 OR I can get a 24x18x2¼ sans handle for about $72.

Based on the weight of these boards, either board will have a permanent home on my counter.

What do you think - get the 30" for $120 or the 24" for $72?

Both are edge grain maple.


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