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Jimmy's vs Frank's, Floramo's, Floating Rock not open, Petsi cupcakes


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Jimmy's vs Frank's, Floramo's, Floating Rock not open, Petsi cupcakes

itaunas | Jun 27, 2006 08:14 PM

I usually side with Jimmy's on the Jimmy's vs Frank's debate, but had a chance to revisit the debate this week.

Friday we needed some quick food in N Cambridge and dining companion wouldn't go for Qunigdao or Greek Corner. Ended up at Frank's which was hopping -- a party, people at the bar, couples for a night out, and the graying crowd. For an appetizer I got pan-fried mozzarella and crab cakes. They luckily came out quick, but the seasoning (seasoned italian bread crumbs) was overbearing and they were overly greasy. The mozzarella would have been good, but the crab cakes didn't get eaten. I only like horseradish in some contexts, but I need to give them points for their sauce even though I didn't eat it. The sizzler was a total disappointment as it came completely unseasoned and while cooked as desired, the steak was nothing too tender. I guess its an A1 and Worcestershire kind of place. The fries were mostly crispy, but also greasy and portion of sides was insultingly small. Nothing satisfied either myself or DC, but we got out of their quickly. If I had been in the mood for prime rib, I think that would have been a good choice at Frank's, but the sizzler had been touted on this board and I hadn't tried it yet.

Last night we had to do what was essentially a "post-wedding" rehearsal dinner and I had suggested Jimmy's. We had a mix of Irish, English, Midwest, Brazilian, and other tastes. On top of this, people were looking for me for recommendations so I figured someone would strike out. Amazingly they came through for every single taste and I was especially impressed that the Brazilian taste was happy with their steak tips (usually too sweet). The rice and fries were a big step up from Frank's in quality and portion size (although only one side). More variety also and a bit more adventurous. Desserts were only ok, but everybody was full at that point. When I want something along these lines, definately my nod goes to Jimmy's, but if you want something more traditional Frank's could be ok and it probably has a bit more atmosphere.

I had a craving for Floating Rock today, but they were closed at lunchtime. Brasil Viva (I think that is it) had a really rank looking buffet ("decomposed" feijao tropeiro, mocoto which is a winter thing and looked awful), plus uninspiring snacks. I ended up ditching Revere and going to Floramo's (I did try to see if Savino's was open, but struck out there). Sauces and marinades were a bit on the sweet side, but decent vinegar taste to them, and meat well grilled. They had a special for dinner tonight which I wanted -- steak tips with sauted vinegar peppers. Rice and iceburg salad were forgettable, but fries were good. Sausage was nice and lean, but with good taste. Its been a while since I have been back there (a friend used to work there) and I was pretty happy overall, DC less so. They are on vacation next week, but plenty of other alternatives (and doesn't compare to New Bridge on the tips for me).

I did have some Petsi's cupcakes over the weekend and they are good, although I would give more "wow" to their pies and other baked goods. I preferred the chocolate over the coconut.

Toscannini's mango ice cream rocks compared to the one on Revere beach... and cristina's coconut is far better, but I do recommend their Dulce de leche (not certain the name, but its right by beach st)

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