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Jim Leff on MPR Midmorning with Kerri Miller


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Jim Leff on MPR Midmorning with Kerri Miller

soupkitten | Aug 11, 2009 11:01 AM

i wondered who in the world was blithering on about cornflakes with kerri miller. . . then i realized it was jim leff.

1) leff talks more about dieting/weight loss, lurking on bodybuilders' dieting web forums, glycemic index, etc. than food/restaurants in general

2) miller proves herself a cooolinary idiot once again, disparaging tofu, *any* tofu-- and singing the praises of chocolate dipped strawberries as the apex of deliciousness. why don't you stick to culvers, kerri, we all know by now that that's your favorite.

3) miller also keeps referring to this website as "the chowhound"

4) leff endorses national chains, gives zero msp food recs, dismisses local foods trend common in msp restaurants. he's also not heard of or read *any* of the food writers/journalists miller has interviewed/refers to other than m. pollan (whose work he admits to "not examining" thoroughly)--& she's not even vaguely a food specialist. . . (miller mentions: brian wansink, mike steinberger & leff's like "huh?")

perplexing interview--maybe just a bit of a fluff piece? leff's concept of the "7th flavor, wellbeing"--how a diner feels a long time after eating a meal-- might be the most interesting thing in the hour, besides all the omissions. sorry Jim if you read this, we know that you weren't the one asking the questions. . .

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