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Jiff versus Skippy (and more) Marriage, how common?


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Jiff versus Skippy (and more) Marriage, how common?

JOJOGIRL | Jan 24, 2011 09:24 AM

When my husband and I started staging taste-tests to convince each other that we really couln't tell the difference between our so-called favorite brands, it was just for fun. Now its just crazy how stubborn we are about these foods.WE don't just prefer our brand we detest the other.
I love Jiff he loves Skippy
Pepsi vs Coke
Pregresso soup vs Campbells
Frenches mustard vs Guldons
Barilla pasta vs Ronzoni
Tuttorosso tomatoes vs Cento
Bumble Bee in oil vs Chicken of the Sea
Temptee Whipped vs Philidelphia regular in silver box (never the tub)
Dunkin Dark vs Eight O Clock regular coffee
Aunt Jemima vs Bisquick Mix for pancakes
There is more, but what brought this up today was my new favorite Dukes Mayonaise over Hellmans. Living in Florida now, I just tasted Dukes, and it was tangy and my coleslaw tasted so much better with it. Of course MR. Hellmans thinks I have gone over the edge.

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