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Jfood at Osetra (SONO) - Very Good but Round 2 will be Better

jfood | May 10, 200807:26 AM

The Jfoods finally hit Osetra the other night. As others have stated the food was very good,(while others give it great), although everything is served rare/raw, and with a group of six it was a little difficult getting their arms around how to order. In addition, the server was very inexperienced and was not helpful at all in the ordering process.

The restaurant seated them all the way in the back at the large table that can accompany up to 12. Although there was plenty of room with such a large table it was next to the bathroom, the serving station and the kitchen doors. Not an ideal location in Jfood's opinion and Jfood will remember to ask for a table in the middle of the restaurant on his next trip. Some may like this more private feeling, others may not.

The server arrived, and took drink orders. He was in his early twenties and Jfood asked if he would explain the menu. He explained how the menu worked and mention each dish is served Tapas style and there would be about 6 bites per plate. The table ordered 12 dishes to be delivered in groups of three. The server lacked any real experience and Jfood would have liked someone who would have been a little more helpful (they should wander to Barcelona around the corner to gain some experience in how to be helpful). He was more an order taker versus a helpful server. He was very pleasant though and the service was fine.

The table ordered the Flounder Roulade, Caramel Fried Lobster, Marlin, Petit Tuna Melt, Flash Grilled Salmon, Short rib Carpaccio, Grilled Beef Sirloin, and Roasted Halibut.

The positives - The favorite of the table was the flounder. Jfood's favorites were the tuna and the sirloin. He also liked the marlin that was served sashimi temperature (i.e. cold) versus flash grilled. The sirloin was ordered medium and was served rare (that was OK by Jfood as well).

Not as positives - The food was very good, but did have a few issues. It could be that with 6 people, the amount that was placed on Jfood's plate was minimal for each course. The sauces seemed to overwhelm many of the dishes (the short rib carpaccio in particular) and some were a little heavy handed on the final salting. Likewise the flash grilling was a little too flash as the dishes were very rare to raw. The marlin was still cold and reminded jfood of sashimi versus flash grilled. Jfood liked these dishes but others wanted them more cooked (at least to rare). In fact when they asked the server to cook the salmon more he argued with the table.

Jfood thinks he may have set expectations very high and with the table, the inexperienced server and the amount of people it was probably not a good introduction. He is due to go back next week with just one other couple and may reconsider and go back with just Mrs. Jfood as a deuce to take their time, and choose more discreetly to give it a true go-through.

Although Jfood recommends this place, he would suggest, if your group is more than 4 order each dish as a double. If you order each dish as a single, it will be difficult to split amongst the people. This was a mistake on Jfood's part that he discussed with Mrs. Jfood on the way home. Next week is a 4-top so he should have a better review and input. Although other rave about this place, Jfood not there just yet.

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