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Jfood Match (SONO, CT) review - Disappointing

jfood | Jan 13, 200807:25 AM

Finally went to Match in SONO last night and both M&M Jfood felt the meal was good but not great and they were very disappointed given it’s reputation. Maybe their expectations were high, but even on the next day and thinking back, just can’t get overly excited about it. This is a very busy place, crowd in the 20-30’s and has a huge, lively beat. Our 830PM reservation brought us smack into the main event.

We sat and were given the regular menus and the nightly specials in a separate page. That’s the way Jfood likes it, he wants to read the specials. Unfortunately the server told them that, unfortunately, of the three entrée specials (Striped Bass, Cornish Hens and Rack of lamb) for the evening, two (bass and hens) were already sold out. It happens and Jfood had already pre-decided from the web-site earlier in the day.

Appetizers - Jfood ordered the Duck Cannelloni “hand twisted and bathed in an Asian inspired peanut sauce, sprinkle of cracklins, tart pomegranate molasses, and shaved scallions” and Mrs. Jfood her usual mixed greens. The Cannelloni was fair at best. The duck confit was flavorless and had no seasoning at all. The cannelloni crepe was nice, not a pasta but more a crepe. Then on top the peanut sauce had no flavor and Jfood wondered whether the kitchen made a mistake and served refried beans (might have been better), the cracklins were nice, the tart pomegranate molasses tasted like balsamic, nothing special. The kitchen did not place any seasoning on the dish except for one spot where they placed all the salt, Jfood's tongue and lips curled at this bite. Jfood would rate this a 4 (and being generous). Salad looked nice.

Entrée – Jfood ordered the “'8 hour' Osso Bucco of Veal with parmesean reggiano risotto, fried sage, green onions, and the braising 'love' - $31.95” and Mrs. Jfood ordered the “Char-Grilled Copper Ridge Farms Sirloin - mound of bistro fries, steakhouse creamed spinach, melting garlic butter, and sweet and sour onions - $37.95”. The good news was the sauce for the veal was excellent (you could feel the love) and the veal did fall off the bone. But the flavors of the sauce did not seem to be in the meat, almost giving the impression that they were not braised in the same sauce. The risotto was very uneven. His first bite was at least five minutes undercooked, that slight crunch was more than slight, but further in it was better. Jfood would give the sauce a 10 and the meat a 7 for an overall 8 for the dish (let’s give the benefit of the doubt on the risotto). Mrs. Jfood's comment on the steak was “it was good but not great.”

Service – The server was not very professional at all. When one member of the party asked if he would recommend the steak or the veal, he was very brusque and said “What, is that a trick question?” That is a totally unacceptable response in Jfood's eyes. During the meal he was on a mission to bring as many bottles of Bottled Water as possible versus being concerned about the table’s experience. He never asked if any of the dishes were OK. The only time he was professional was when he brought the bill. Service Jfood would give a 2.

One other interesting note was that in the 2 hours Jfood was there he saw the Executive Chef in the dining room more than he has seen other chefs in other restaurants. Given Jfood's ratings on the food, Jfood thinks he may want to spend a little more TLC-time overseeing the kitchen a little more.

Given the numerous choices in the neighborhood, this place better start focusing again on the food. The reputation can only last so long.

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