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Jerusalem recommendations

Zev Sero | Mar 18, 2005 01:04 AM

I'm off to J'lem next week, for 3 weeks. The big question: where shall I eat? Looking for Chowhound-type recommendations, particularly things I can't find in Brooklyn.

I've already got plans for Darna, Hess, Eucalypt and Tmol Shilshom. I also recall reading somewhere online that a place called Ima is the definitive place to go for kubbeh soup; any opinions out there?

From previous discussions on this board I understand that the best shwarma is either at the Melech on King George, or Masov at the bus station; any resolution to that argument, or shall I just try both? How about Jerusalem mix - where is the best place to go for that? Same for shipudim. And while we're at it, how about falafel? The Yemenite place on Hanvi'im will probably be getting several visits, because it's very close to where I'm staying. Opinions?

Fleishig Indian is something that can't be found in NYC, but my one previous visit to Koh-i-noor was very disappointing. The food was bland and boring, compared to the veggie Indian places on Lex. What do people think of it? Was I just unlucky, or is this really not worth another try?

Marvad Haksamim (in the basement of Hechal Shlomo). My only previous visit was on the night before Pesach, so it was hardly a decent test. Worth it, or not?

Any other recommendations? Opinions? Comments on any or all of the above? (Kashrut information and opinions too, please. Some of the places I've listed aren't described as mehadrin, so I'm not sure whether I'll end up there or not, but I'm leaning towards relying on Rabbanut Yerushalayim's non-mehadrin hechsher, especially since shmitta is long behind us.)

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