Jerusalem II (NY)- odd experience


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Jerusalem II (NY)- odd experience

serenarobin | Nov 2, 2009 03:43 PM

I hadn't been at J-II since they renovated and (I think) changed management. The long-standing kosher pizza/falafel store is now billed as a "bakery/supermarket" selling baked goods, some groceries (candy, nuts, boxes of pasta), has a hot/cold buffet (grilled potatoes, fried plantains, breaded eggplant, broiled salmon, green beans, cheesy spinach lasagna, all at $7.98 a pound, accompanied by a sign that says "no returns after the food is on your plate, no exceptions"), and still sells pizza and falafel (another sign: "you get served you pay-no paying after you sit down"). I was there on a quiet midmorning on my way to Penn station (maybe 2 other customers in the place) and bought a bottle of water, a Jerusalem bagel (sesame seed covered large doughy bagel) and potato borekas. The worker behind the counter was extraordinarily friendly. The total came to $6.50 and I gave $20 to the man at the register who looked like he was the manager of the place. He said "$3.50 is your change," handing me my bag and closing the register. I said "Didn't I give you a twenty?" He opened the register and pulled out a ten, handing it to me with no apology.
I really don't know what to make of the experience; I want to believe that he did not deliberately short change me. But after that odd experience I certainly won't be going out of my way to return.
PS the bagel was delicious; the borekas was a bit salty and stale.

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