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Jersey Mike's -- Yays, Nays, and Best Subs


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Jersey Mike's -- Yays, Nays, and Best Subs

nosh | Nov 29, 2008 10:34 AM

Driving in my neighborhood today (Westwood Village) and saw signs for a Jersey Mike's opening soon. Unfamiliar. Went to their website, and saw cold sandwiches hat looked similar (though perhaps less meaty) than Togo's. The cheesesteaks looked interesting -- gotta be better than the Southside a couple of blocks away. Not interested in wraps or salads. Big factor will be the pricepoint -- the website didn't specify, saying they varied by location.

So tell me, 'Hounds, do I have anything to look forward to? The couple of mentions I found in a search mentioned fresh meats there. Give me the birds-eye lowdown on this chain, please. It will share parking with a Trader Joe's -- so will I be better off buying the makings there and composing the sandwiches myself? Particularly interested in whether they pull off a decent, inexpensive cheesesteak.

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