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Don't Be a Jerk - 3D's Chicken


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Don't Be a Jerk - 3D's Chicken

Vital Information | Dec 17, 2001 10:34 PM

Before begining tonight's tale, can I ask, why the hell is not Jamacian food more popular?

Anyway, those who have visited my mangled prose and not quite Zim worthy quests before know that I have been angling for a while to visit the Tropical Island Jerk Chicken House (part of my--eat North Avenue project). Well, when I finally made it to Tropic Island a while back, I found it missing, gone, left north without a trace, leaving me jerkless. Until the other day, when I noticed, in the tiniest neon letters. 3D's Jerk Chicken. Afaid of another demise, I returned quicker this time.

I needed to bide my time as Omar finished off some dark meat jerk (white would have been ready). I also orderd some curry goat, so Ms. VI and I could go half 'n half. In the vein of trying more, I also split the dishes between rice and beans and steamed cabbage. It took a while but so what.

The chicken came hacked, cantonese style over a rice kidney bean medly. On the side came candied, candied yams and dense white bread. I dumped the a small tub of sauce over the chicken. The same viscosity, color and value as crude but hadly the smell, the sauce added extra heat and ooph to the chicken. The chicken barely needed it, however. Smoke infused, ultra seasoned, we easily finished the half chicken.

The other dish, the curried goat was a bit weaker, both in heat and substance. This was no kid. This was goat, not lamb, goat. You have to like your meat a bit gamier than me to truly appreciate the stuff. The sauce was complex but not whip-hot. Good, but not worth the stomach space that could have been more chicken.

The sides all sided up nicely. The rice and beans had the advantage of absorbing the grease, picking up the spare aroma and grabbing excess spice from the chicken. The cabbage, which I had wrapped seperate from the goat had its own curry goodness and contained pleny of unsourced fat (yum). As for the candied yams, well what else do I have to say, but for the sweetness made for a nice bit of contrast.

The menu offers "sock it to me cake" and "7-up cream cake", but what I saw through the window looked more like Jewel cake. Maybe next time.


3D's Jerk Chicken
5317 W. North Avenue (near Central)
Chicago, IL

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