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critical1 | Nov 20, 2003 11:12 AM

Am I a food snob? Do I have a spoiled tongue? Do I expect too much?

When I go out and spend money and time on a meal...I have certain expectations. If it isn't met, I get upset.

Do you guys ever get affected like that? Or do I have serious issues?

Yesterday, I actually got mad! Steaming mad. Okay, granted...what did I expect? C'mon. Jay's is a bar. They are probably only serving food to fulfill their liquor license. We were driving, just looking for some cheap bar food. Well, we stepped in the worst possible place.

We ordered some chicken wings and fries, and a steak sandwich and onion rings. Can you really mess that up?

They did.

Chicken wings were horrid. Lightly breaded and tasted cheap. They did me a favor by serving such a small portion.

The sandwich's steak tasted like salted leather. It was tough and wrong. The bread was wrong. The onion rings were wrong.

The best thing about my meal was my Diet Coke. And that was even a little flat.

I just can't believe that there are so many operations out there that serve horrible food. And sometimes, I get fooled.


Hopefully, my rant can save someone from making the same mistake I did...

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