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jasmine market - burmese food - thx j. gold!

modernist | Jan 11, 200801:47 PM     13

went for lunch today

nestled inbetween a particularly shady looking "chiropractic" office and a hyrdoponics warehouse is what must be the only burmese joint west of the 605 and the great restaurant golden triangle in whittier.

ok i'm a jonathan gold neophyte and i was particularly pleased to find his review of this spot in the la weekly, and that its just close enough in my lunch radius.

in 2004 i spent about 3 weeks travelling myanmar. the capital city of yangon, the magical spiritual city of Bagan, the serene glassy waters of inle lake and the cultured mandalay. honestly, i wasn't in love with the fish and shrimp paste and tumeric heavy room temperature stews of burmese cuisine but it was a fascinating mix between indian, chinese and thai flavors...

the family running jasmine market and deli are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and the clientele includes japanese hip hop scenesters, halal seeking muslims, ethno bohemian hipsters and jonanthan gold worshippers. many people came in talking about the article which the family still hasn't seen!

before 5pm on a weekday the dishes are going to be basically indian food, but on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays there are some typical burmese dishes, including the national dish mo-hinga (fish stew with banana tree root), as well khaut swe (cocount chicken noodle soup) which thailand explorers will know as khao soi, which is a staple of chiang mai cuisine. there is also a tofu dhut (mixed tofu salad) as well as asawn dhut (large mixture salad).

the family has exchanged thanakha (yellow face paste) and longyis (cloth skirt) for paul smith glasses and levis, but the cooking is spot on... so far i've only tried the lamb biryani (friday special) and the samosas, but i'll be back for more dishes as well as the burmese dishes, and im pretty excited to do so.

you can also pick up an issue of the mandalay gazette or the burma herald to catch up on news on burmese american rappers and catch gossip snaps of yangon hotties.

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