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Jar - PK's Review

PoetKitty | Jan 10, 2006 12:57 PM

Move over Dakota, The Lodge, Sterling, etc. etc. etc. - Jar is the Hollywood steakhouse to fall in love in, and with.

Place: Jar, Saturday, 1/7 - 6:00 PM
Myself + 2 guests (Mom and Dad)

Ratings in brief:

Ambiance - B+
Lighting is a little bit *too* muted, but the decor is full of chocolatey warm tones and gorgeous circular patterns. Plus, the tables are perfectly spaced, and the bar is lovely.
Service - B
Solid, not exceptional.
Food (Taste) - B+
Across the board, very, VERY good food.
Food (Presentation) - B
Simple and elegant presentations.
Wine/Drinks - B
Full bar and decent wine list - I had a bold and tasty Bourdeaux (by the glass).
Value - B+
Each dish was stacked with premium, fresh ingredients and made with love you could feel - worth every penny.
Overall Experience - B+
All things considered, this is my favorite steak experience in LA so far.

Mom and Dad were in town, and although they are not Chows, I still aimed to please. They are down-home Montana small-town peeps, so although I had never been, I trusted Jar to deliver a lovely convergence of American comfort food in a decided LA venue.
She shoots, she scores.

The interior floods you with comfort and warmth. We were seated immediately by a very sweet hostess and scored a perfect table along the back wall - private, but perfect for people watching.

I set the scene by announcing the check would be mine, and insisted they order up a storm. Here's the lowdown:

I was the only alcoholic - sipping a La Corbet Bourdeaux that kicked my taste buds into submission with every lovely swallow. Yum.

We were served crusty sourdough goodness with butter right away - nothing creative, but a magnificent textured bread indeed.

We started with a special - Shrimp and Crab Cakes with Garlic Aioli. *Really* good - small little morsels with virtually no detectable filler, and the sauce had a fantastic garlic punch.
Next up - Lobster and Roasted Tomato Soup, another special. The rich lobster flavor and smokey tomato taste punched through beautifully - no cream, no excessive saltiness - one of the best soups I've ever slurped.
Mom had a Celery and Greens Salad with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Pecans - she raved and ate every last bite.

I had another special - an Australian Kobe Hanger Steak, medium rare. This was the only minor disappointment of the evening - it didn't compare to traditional kobe beef (not that I expected it to, really), and I wasn't mad about the texture. The flavor and cut were marvelous - not a bad dish by any means, but it didn't blow my mind. What DID blow my mind, however, was the Lobster Bernaise dipping sauce - if I could have slurped the remains in private without gaining another ten pounds, I would have been the Happiest Girl Alive. Damn that was tasty.
Dad had another special - Seared Sea Scallops with a Ground Mustard Sauce. Spectacular. About 8 medium sized morsels were served with a lightly spicey mustard dip, and it was really divine.
Mom had the Bone-In Rib-Eye - out of this world. Let me say it again - Out. Of. This. World.

I had the best side ever created in the history of (wo)man - Purple Japanese Yams with Creme Fraiche and Chives. OH MY GOD. Sublty sweet, melt-in-your mouth yumminess with the slather of cream and chive-y bite -we all flipped for this.
Dad had Mashed Potatoes - too creamy for my taste but still really fab.
Mom had the Garlic French Fries - crispy and salty and perfectly gourmet.

No dessert for us - we indulged a little too much in the mains.
I did polish off the meal with a superbly brewed Espresso, and that was the perfect ending.

The bill, with 4 appetizers, 3 entress, 3 sides, sodas, sparkling water, espresso, and a glass of wine was $195. Definitely worth it.

I am going back to try that beautiful looking pork chop. For starters.

Chow, 'Hounds,

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