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Japanese knives?

Mr. Need-nice-knife | Feb 20, 2002 05:57 PM

I am sure knife questions abound on this board, but having just discovered it, hope you will bear with me.

I am looking to buy a good chef's knife. I use a 8" Wustof now, and though it is beautiful, I find the blade a little too thick. For years I used a 2"-wide squared-off (no point) Chinese knife for almost everything. But I wanted a tip and bought the Wustof. But I loved the light weight, easy sharpening and quickness of that Chinese knife. I have used a couple Globals, and they would be perfect except for the fact that the handles are... I don't know, too small or something, and after a while I find they become uncomfortable. But of course, I haven't tried every model either.

I've looked at the Japanese knife online store (link below) and see they have beautiful western style knives. But they are (to me) expensive and I can't try them out in my hands (I live in Seattle). Hard to purchase given those obstacles. Anybody have any advice or suggestions? Thank you.


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