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What is this Japanese dish called?


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What is this Japanese dish called?

Janice | May 17, 2004 01:58 PM

I had a nice bento box for lunch at this Japanese restaurant over the weekend, and among the little side dishes I enjoyed was one that I hope someone can tell me what it's called. I asked the waiter what it was, and he said 'radish'...I should have asked what the dish was called in Japanese. It consisted mostly of long noodle-like moist crunchy strips of vegetable, tan in color, which i guess was the radish, with the occasional odd piece of julienned carrot, and a few seaweed strips I think, and what looked like a few strips of fried tofu or something (maybe egg?), all in a nice seasoning. Can anyone identify this dish for me? I would also like to try to make it myself...what should I look for at the Asian grocery store to make it? Does this radish come prepackaged and dehydrated in noodle-like strips already, or do I have to buy a Japanese radish and julienne them and toss it with some kind of seasoning? I hope someone knows what I'm talking about and can enlighten me!

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