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Japan foodie trip - help with restaurant selection

Belkisw | Sep 10, 201708:42 AM     4

Dear chowhounders, my hubby and I are planning our honeymoon trip to Japan from April 1 to 21. The priority of the trip is food and sake, with cultural sites coming second. Having done a fair bit of research, and having been to Japan once before, I have tried to come up with a hit list of the right cities for a foodie trip, and then within them, have tried to plan out each meal to make sure we get at least one of each type of Japanese delicacy. I would love your input on the places I have picked- any counter-recommendations would be appreciated. I also haven’t filled up all the meals in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, and would love some advice from you on things I have left out that should not be missed- happy for them to range from 3 star michelin to fast food, or picks based on their sake pairings which would be a big plus. Finally, any recs on where in the trip we can slot in some nice hot springs would be much appreciated.

Tokyo (7 days) (I am quite worried about getting some of these bookings hence why I am already doing the meal planning now. Thinking of using tableall to book the tough ones, welcome any other recommendations)

Lunch Yakiniku- Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara
Lunch Yakitori- Torishiki (or Bird Land or Torkiki)
Lunch Sushi- Saito
Lunch Sushi- Arai
We have three lunches still to fill

Dinner Sushi- Yoshitake
Dinner Gyoza- Gyoza Shack or Gyoza Bar Comme a Paris
Dinner 3 star Michelin Kaiseki- Kanda or Ryugin (I have been once before, it was stunning but that was many years ago)
Dinner Izikaya- Aka Oni
Dinner Soba- any recommendations? My online research is not producing anything consistent.
Dinner Robatayaki- Roppongi Robataya or Inakaya Roppongi
We have two more dinners to fill

Fukuoka (2 days)

Lunch Ramen- Genki Ippai or Hakata Issō
Lunch Gyoza- Temujin, Yu-shin, or Hakata Gion Tetsunabe
Dinner Sushi- Tenzushi or Sushi Morita
Dinner Tonkatsu- any recommendations?

Osaka (2 days)

Lunch Takoyaki- Umaiya, Tamaya, or Akaoni
Lunch Okonomiyaki- Houzenji Sanpei, Kiji, or Mizuno
Dinner Kushikatsu- Wasabi or Rokkakutei
We have one more dinner to fill, any recs on a place not to miss? There quite a few 3 star michelin star places, but just not sure what to pick

Kyoto (4 days)

Lunch Tofu- Shoraian
Lunch Buddhist Vegetarian- Ajiro
We have two lunches still to fill

Dinner Tempura- Kyoboshi Tempura Nakajin, or Matsu
Dinner Kaiseki- Nakamura
Dinner Obanzai-ryori- any recommendations?
We have two dinners still to fill

Nagoya (2 days)

Lunch Miso katsu- Misokatsu Yabaton Yabacho
Lunch Kishimen- at Miya Kishimen Jingu

Dinner Misonikomi udon- Yamamotoya
Dinner Hitsumabushi- Atsuta Horaiken

Snacks: Tenmusu at Senju - Nagoya-Famous Temmusu, Goheimochi at oku-Mikawa area, Tebasaki at Sekai no Yama-chan Sasashima

Kanazawa (2 days)
Any recs people have on where to eat, including Kaga-ryori would be much appreciated

Any recs on sake bars would be much appreciated where we can try the best that Kanazawa has to offer

Takayama (1 day)
Lunch Hida beef- sushi take out and Hida Beef Buns from stalls
Dinner Hida beef- Maruaki

Drinking at one of the sake breweries in the Old City

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