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Jamie's Cigar Bar and Restaurant (Clifton)

ELA | Feb 2, 201509:55 AM     1

While I've been here several times...each and every time...the food, service, and the experience has been very good.

Sure,I might clutch onto a place where I can eat, drink and smoke; as there are only a couple of places in all of Northern NJ -- yet alone the entire state of NJ -- where you can smoke.

Jamie's has a very diverse menu -- from the appetizers of chicken fingers, calamari, and fried ravioli, to the entrees of veal saltimboca, different cuts of steak, pasta, fish, etc. Plenty of flat screens, games, action, etc. Excellent cocktails and drinks . . . and cigars! LOL.

When you enter, there is a bar area (room/space) to the right that wasn't being used. Nice space though, perhaps for a cocktail party, get together, etc. type of event. To the left is a small, nice dining area, space for about 10-12 tables or so. My initial thinking was that this was the non-smoking area, but I wasn't sure. However, later on, there were people sitting at these tables, eating and smoking. Perhaps at a certain point they allow people to smoke in this room. I don't know. I also thought that if this room was smoking, then perhaps the room to the right was non-smoking, but again, I am not sure. When we arrived more than half the tables were occupied -- almost fine dining, nice tablecloths, dinnerware, glassware, etc. These people were ordering entrees, or appetizers and then entrees. It was a very nice menu.

After you walk through this space, you enter a very large, very nice bar area with a nice, long bar. Plenty of seats at the bar, high-top bar tables somewhat in the middle of the room, and a casual area with a couch/sofa, chairs, etc., along the walls. This was a large room, almost with a feel of different spaces or areas -- near the bar, away from the bar, couch/sofa, etc. There were plenty of flat-screen TV's of different sizes, all around, so if you want to watch, you really can't have a bad seat.

This room is for smoking -- and there was plenty of it, LOL. A real cigar-smoker's haven. There is a ventilation system, so while you get a nice aroma from the cigar(s), you don't get bad clouds of smoke or a massive amount of lingering smoke. Nice, attentive staff, although the bartender -- an excellent bartender -- also seemed to be waiting on (at least some of) the people at the hi-top tables (along with other staff), so he was running around quite a bit. However, he's a pro, and he did an excellent job. Very polite, very personable. Regardless, service overall was very good. They were attentive, clearing the table of dirty plates, napkins, refilling water, etc.

Sitting here, we ordered off the "bar" or "lounge" menu, which is extensive. This last time, we had a couple of appetizers and a sandwich. The fried ravioli was good, nice taste -- stuffed with sausage, broccoli rabe and cheese. I normally don't just take a shot ordering calamari because while so many places offer it, not many do it well. Anyway, I was talked into it, and the fried calamari was good too -- not overly or heavily fried, and not "chewy" so to speak. Nice balance. I also had the steak sandwich, which was excellent. It was nice, thinly sliced steak -- good flavor, not stringy, chewy or fatty, and instead of melted fontina cheese, I got it with mozzarella. Excellent sandwich. We didn't have any entrees and many of the people/tables seemed to be having (multiple) appetizers. As mentioned before, service was very good.

Overall, I like this place -- it's very good. I have gone several times, and will continue to do so.

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