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Jam issues, please help!!!


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Jam issues, please help!!!

DitteL | Dec 2, 2012 03:25 AM

I made my first batch of Rhubarb and Raspberry jam last night and feel a few things went wrong, but am unsure..

Firstly i didn't add enough sugar initially, and therefore had to add more to set it, after already boiling it for at least 20 mins. I didn't use pectin as was determined to try making it without, so forced to add the extra sugar to set. I now worry that i over cooked the fruit and lost its flavour...

Secondly I used standard (boiled) jam jar lids (not the mason kind) to seal the heated jars and turned them upside down to cool. All seemed fine. This morning i decided to check the lids were definitely screwed on properly, using a jar wrench. 7 out of 9 jars made a "popping" sound when tightened and now i worry i've ruined them. Been trying to find an answer online, but all i can see if that people advise against using the jar wrench, however with no reason why.

Can anyone help??


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