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i need jam help!!!!


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i need jam help!!!!

madonna | Dec 16, 2005 07:19 PM

i promised i would make jam for holiday baskets for my husband. i don't think i knew at the time what i got myself into. everyone has told me its supereasy, lots of sugar and fruits. when i looked it up on the internet there is this sterilization process you have to do. i am lost... what is necessary and what isn't? do i need one of those contraptions? or not, do you just boil the empty jars in the water and then fill them with jam, or do you boil the jars again after they are sealed. its emberassing asking this, i feel kind of dumb, but i think its better then giving my husband's customers botulisim. so can someone in simple english tell me how to sterlize the jars. also does anybody know how to substitute concentrated fruit juice instead of sugar to make an all fruit jam?
thanks so much fellow hounds, u are always there to rescue me.

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