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Izzy's Deli on Food Network

Mr. Taster | Jun 17, 2004 03:34 AM

Has anyone seen the show "Unwrapped" on Food Network?

It's truly awful, but amusing in the way you stare at a train wreck. It's hosted by Marc Summers (of 1980's Nickelodeon "Double Dare" fame) and is usually one big commercial showing the "behind the scenes" of America's FAVORITE _____fill in your favorite mass produced, highly processed food product here____.

It's a terrible show, really, especially when contrasted with the funky, funny, highly amusing and educational "Good Eats" which immediately precedes it at 7pm each weeknight.

Somehow the producers of "Unwrapped" got the brilliant idea to go behind the scenes of "America's Favorite Deli Treats"... yes that's right!! Strap your seatbelts kids, Marc Summers, Jewish deli expert, is going to tell America what Deli's all about!!

First we go behind the scenes at the **French's mustard factory** (found in all top Jewish delis, right next to the kishka and gefilte fish), a national manufacturer of bad rye bread (can't remember the brand name-- but you know the kind, all soft with not the slightest crusty end) and of course the world-famous Izzy's Deli in Los Angeles! (??) The King of Corned Beed (or so the program says)

Has anyone actually been to Izzy's? I've driven past it. Of course based on the other criteria on the show, it's probably safe to assume that they have no idea what the ** they're talking about :-)

Very curious to hear fellow hound opinions.

Mr. Taster

P.S. The only thing worse than "Unwrapped" on Food Network is the show "Top Five" which is hosted by the whitest, dorkiest black man I've ever seen in my life. We're talking nasally voiced, Eddie Murphy/Dave Chappelle white guy characature, except he's a real dude. Utterly shocking yet... strangely fascinating


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