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Items: Missing in US / Missing in UK


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Items: Missing in US / Missing in UK

Amin (London Foodie) | Nov 18, 2004 01:54 PM

OK chowhounds, Am looking for a lot of support by way
of feedback. Here is the spiel, so I hope y'all will
actively participate with your suggestions.

Two Questions:

A) What do Americans miss from back home when they are
in the UK ?

B)What do Americans (or Brit Expats) yearn for from UK
which they cannot find easily in the US ?

A very good hound friend of mine (Candy from
Indiannapolis) has helped me gather some very valuable
insight, and to give an idea, here are some
suggestions put forth by her:

Missing in US: Crisps (other than BBQ, sourcream,
plain, onion, or salt & vinegar flavour)., Harveys
Club Sherry, Lochan Ora liqueur, Rose's passion fruit
cordial, Knorr sizzle & stir (this was specially
yearned for by a Brit friend of Candy's back in the
US, as it appears that his wife was hassling him for

(you can also include items which may currently be
available within the US but at a high price, however
in this case, please specify)

Missing in UK: Cornmeal, Masa Harina/Hominy/Grits,
BBQ sauces (from SC/NC/TX/TN)

You can mention whatever excites your taste buds on
either side of the Atlantic so you can be as
imaginative as you like and include any item you
normally look for whether it is a particular type of
sauce, paste, pod, herb, spice.. whether it is
cardamom,vanilla, cloves, saffron, paprika, tapioca
pudding (spotted dick), mustard/custard, limequats,
kumquats, Calamondins, meyer lemons, mango, papaya,
fresh/seasonal fruits or foods or whatever comes to

Many thanks in advance

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