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Little Italy Farmers Market & environs

mcgrath | Mar 6, 2010 09:59 AM

Love the Little Italy Farmers Market, which has been discussed before on this board. It's a great Saturday morning tonic for the soul if not always the pocketbook.

I like to patronize the neighborhood businesses as well.

Solunto Bakery, just one block away, has recently transformed into a little Trattoria as well as bakery with a full breakfast and lunch menu. Today we had the breakfast special, which was a simple but delicious plate of scrambled eggs with thin sliced ham pieces, fresh tomatoes and onion. A crackling fresh, toasted roll, potatoes and coffee all for $6.95. We of course bought some pastry, which I think is better than most of what's offered at the Market.

Mona Lisa market has one of the great little deals going. Stacked high on top of the deli case every weekend are individually wrapped little sandwiches on the freshest rolls. They have a little mortadella, cheese and maybe a little ham, but are just $1.00 each. So simple, but really good.

I picked up some Italian sausage from Knight Salumi (3 for $8.00, ouch!) at the Market; had it before and love it. Then headed over to Pete's Meats on India and got two of his Ital. sausages, which came out to just over a buck each. Taste comparison will be tonight, with some fresh garlic pappardelle and pesto from the Market. I love Knight's but somehow doubt their product is more than twice as good as Pete's.

Anybody else with L.I. tips or finds?

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