Italian whites - (simple) appetizer ideas


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Italian whites - (simple) appetizer ideas

uwsgrazer | Jul 2, 2010 08:38 AM

I recently bought a couple of bottles from the Friuli region. I understand the region has limited wine production and I thought it might be fun to serve to a friend whose family was from there. One is a pinto grigio piave, the other is called friulano.

While I've drunk pinot grigio in the past, I'm not familiar with exactly what the "piave" refers to. Is one of the wines obviously lighter and would thus probably be the better of the two to start with? I plan to serve both that evening and so it's more a question of whether to pour them more sequentially, or open them at the same time.

My second question pertains to ideas for appetizers to serve with the wines. I'm basically looking for relatively easy, yet good, things to accompany the wines. My friend and her husband prepare and enjoy good food themselves so the dishes should be pretty decent (i.e., not corn chips and pretzels ...). That said, they've been forewarned that with the warm weather, busy schedules, etc. I will be primarily serving store-bought / simple fare. So far, I've come up with things along the lines of cheeses, white bean salad and salmon salad.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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