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Are Italian "veal" sandwiches actually beef?

duckdown | Aug 29, 201310:08 PM

Bizarre thread title, I know.. but hear me out.. Also this is Ontario specific, as I cannot be sure this is standard practice universally across the board and across the world..

A poster here on CH who used to work for one of our favorite meat wholesalers raised an interesting point during a conversation in saying that one of the owners of a very popular East end sandwich shop chain was actually in the store constantly buying loads of eye-of-round in bulk for their veal sandwiches. That in fact, the veal sandwich, was just beef "prepared in the way of veal", but not actually veal at all

This is the first time I have heard of something like this, and now it's piqued my curiosity.

Is this just a one-off kind of thing done by one owner and one sandwich shop?

Is it possible these popular Italian sandwich shops are selling beef labelled as veal? (Technically I suppose it's not a lie, since veal sort of = beef)

Has anybody heard of such a thing before?

I know that if I walked into California Sandwiches or San Francesco or any of the popular places and asked them "If their veal sandwiches were real veal" they would all look at me bizarrely and claim of course it is. But is it possible the employee would be uneducated about such a thing, and it may actually be true?

Just curious to hear everyones 2 cents on this, as the person who told me himself wasn't sure if it was standard practice. I'm sure he will definitely post in here as well, but I figured I might as well make the post on my own because I'd like to know.

Any people in the know care to weigh in on this?

I look forward to hearing the consensus! Cheers

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