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Bada Bing | Jan 25, 201211:12 AM

I'll post this here because I think it's a larger issue than any one of the Northeastern US boards, plus it's of national interest. (Hey, I'm in Indiana...)

When I've been in Northeastern USA Italian delis and restaurants, I've noticed many ways in which Italian names for foods and dishes get changed, usually shortened.

I'd be interested in seeing how many such modifications there are, and also whether we should view the modifications as carryovers from Italian dialects or instead as accommodations to English. (By accommodation to English, I mean especially the very frequent dropping of gender/number vowels from the noun endings in standard Italian). My starter examples:

MOOTS-adell or MOOTS-arell (mozzarella)
pro-SHOOT (prosciutto)
manigott (baked manicotti)

And are there exceptions? I don't think anyone says "pizz" for pizza. (But I have heard that people pronounce "apizza" as "a-BEETZ." Does anyone say "spa-GETT" for spaghetti?

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