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ISO: Best Tortellini


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ISO: Best Tortellini

Dommy! | Apr 12, 2006 07:05 PM

Thanks to the cooking gurus over at the home cooking board, I recently mastered making Pesto Sauce... Soo good...

One of my favorite ways to eat Pesto is with Tortellini But seeing as how I just mastered the Pesto sauce part, I not exactly ready to tackle making my own stuffed pasta (The day will come however!)... So I was wondering... What is the BEST store bought Tortellini? There are frozen kind, fresh kind, dried kind? I'm sure different brands at different price points... I don't have a preference to any one, I just want the BEST tasting, cooking not too big and stuffed with flavorful cheese Tortellini...

Local L.A. Italian Store brands okay too just let me know where to find them regardless of at Safeway or Bay Cities! :)



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