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ISO reliable, portable hot plate: any caterers out there?

nooodles | May 20, 200504:34 PM

This is a pretty unique request; thanks to those who are up to the challenge.

I've been put in charge of setting up a classroom laboratory for those who are looking to get into the home care profession. This means that within the confines of your typical office, I need to create working versions of your typical apartment bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

My biggest obstacle so far is that I need some kind of portable hot plate. I don't mean the little tiny square ones you used to heat up ramen water in college. I want one of those large two-burner ones used by travelling chefs for cooking demos, or by caterers. I have no idea how they're powered (propane? electricity?) or how much they cost. We're not high-budget, so if one of those things is more than a few hundred dollars I'll need a new plan.

At the very least, I need a hot plate that can bring a gallon of water to a rapid boil, or heat up a nonstick pan for a quick stir fry. We need to demonstrate healthy cooking, but we certainly don't need restaurant-strength BTUs.

Isn't this a fun project? It's so nice not to be doing "real" work for awhile. Shopping and posting on Chowhound: how long can this last?

All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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