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ISO mushroom sauce w/o cream


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ISO mushroom sauce w/o cream

foodie in lawyer's clothing | Mar 31, 2004 05:17 PM

Well, gang, I ask your help once again. The hubby and I are going to his parents' house in NJ this weekend for a pre-Passover seder (don't ask, they have the seder whenever it's convenient.) Anyway, my M-I-L is making 2 HUGE beef tenderloins for 13 people, and since she's dubbed me the "queen of sauces" (after a few successful dinners at my home in NOVA), she's requested that I bring, pre-prepared, a mushroom sauce for the beef. No cream is permitted (not cause we keep strict Kosher, more for cholesterol issues than anything else) but everything else goes. I need your help on whether what I was thinking would work, or whether anyone has a better idea. It needs to be done ahead (can be reheated there) because she needs all her burners, and I'm responsible for all kinds of other dishes once I'm in NJ.

I was thinking of sauteeing some shallots and garlic in butter (I won't tell if you won't) and olive oil, taking that out, then sauteeing a mix of wild mushrooms (cremini, porcini, hen of the wood, or whatever looks good) sauteed in the mix of butter and olive oil, and packaging the sauteed vegis. Then I was thinking a can or two of beef consomme in the pan where the vegis were to deglaze, some good red wine, and a little veal demi glace to richen it and reduce the whole thing to a sauce (remember, the mushrooms, shallots and garlic are already out and packaged so as to keep them from completely falling apart.) I'd bring it up to NJ chilled in a cooler with the vegis separate from the reduced sauce, and put together just before reheating. Thoughts????

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