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ISO FRESH swiss chocolate roll (Chinese or Vietnamese bakery)


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ISO FRESH swiss chocolate roll (Chinese or Vietnamese bakery)

Idas | Sep 8, 2011 04:03 PM


Well, I am about to give up on the Chinese/ Vietname chocolate (or any flavour) rolls cakes.
We have tried bout 15 different bakeries.
From Spadina to Hyw 7, we cannot find a FRESH cake roll :(
10 year ago, Furama used to have amazing ones.
In the past year, they all seem fresh but...

1)Never enough buttery cream inside
2)way too DRY!!!! I nearly choke on it. Byuk.

It's something I get nostalgic for every few months and I have yet to find one that is not super dry.

What is going on? Did the recipe change OR, like fish, you avoid certain days since they are only fresh on certain days??

Thanks in advance,
If one exists, I know someone on chow will tell me.

grazie amici

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