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ISO Candy Rice Recipe

pamelakrest | Jan 21, 2008 03:10 AM

I love Pakistani and Indian foods! There was a local Pakistani/Indian restaurant ( now closed :-( ) that made a candy rice that was so awesome and the chef let me watch him make it one time. I will try to discribe it and maybe someone actually has the recipe.
The restaurant closed before I was able to get the recipe from the chef.
Ok, here it goes.... He took plain cooked rice (room temp) and placed it in a large mixing bowl.Then he took a large pot and put in sugar, little bit of corn syrup,water and some spices. The chef cooked it till it was hard crack stage and then poured it over the rice and mixed it. I remember him saying to work fast because of the syrup, he also added color to it to make it look festive.
I have no clue as to the actual amounts and spices he used, I am hoping someone could help with the recipe. I have Googled it to death with nothing even close.
Here's to hoping and thanks,

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