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ISO best bubble tea in Flushing

eatingpal | Jul 16, 2006 04:18 PM

Before Sago came along, Ten Ren had the best bubble tea in Flushing IMHO though the quality of their bubbles was inconsistent. Then I tried Sago and found their bubbles quite good, almost as good or sometimes even better than Ten Ren's at its best and Sago's bubbles were always fresh. The flavor and quality of tea at Sago was always better and Sago was pretty consistent. I was a convert ever since I tried Sago's bubble tea and didn't mind the higher price.

However, since Sago changed hands (which I assume because of the Korean couple at the register/take-out window) more than a year ago the size of bubbles had reduced to "regular". It's no longer the "boba", giant size bubbles that the tea was named after. The quality of the bubbles was still good but it lost some of that chewiness because of the smaller size bubbles. It definately took the fun out of it. It is just not as good and I lost interest in Sago's bubble tea and haven't had a bubble tea since. Looking for bubble tea of former Sago quality in Flushing. Any recommendation? Or do I have to resolve back to Ten Ren's bubble tea again? Thanks in advance.

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