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ISO Best bacon - don't care about ham


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ISO Best bacon - don't care about ham

swarttav | Dec 12, 2006 09:45 PM

I know there has been a thread ISO of best bacon and ham - I would like to foucus on the best bacon only. I have been slowly sampling bacons. There are just 2 of us and I buy 4 lbs at a time to make sure I get somewhat of a representative sample, so it takes awhile. I am getting ready for the next purchase. BTW I am aware of the bacon of the month club, but that is expensive, although I do look at the web site for ideas. Here is my bacon log so far:

Nimans - Lean, subtle flavor, not too salty, not enough smoke for my taste - wife indifferent

Scott Hams - Country bacon - mild, hickory smoke taste - minor differences w/ store brand - not lean do not buy again - salty - least expensive 3.69 lb - great on BLTs otherwise NG

Nueskes Apple Smoked – Both Good - pepper is better - subtle flavor, lean. little shrinkage - both of us like this a lot but I prefer hickory smoke

Hobart Market no nitrite honey and sea salt - too sweet and subtle for my taste - wife indifferent

Father's Hickory Smoked Country pepper Bacon - Relatively lean, intense hickory smoke, good pepper flavor, not too salty - a lttle too strong for wife

Benton’s – Reasonably lean, intense hickory smoke, not too salty – good overall flavor, but not outstanding. - wife's favorite

OK chowhounds - what are your recommendations?

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