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ISO: Almond Powder/Flour for Macarons


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ISO: Almond Powder/Flour for Macarons

hippotatomus | Feb 1, 2009 11:00 AM

Okay!!! That's it. I am sick of spending on overpriced and crappy macarons. I'm going to try to make them myself again...... (first time was.. er .. very unsuccessful =_=) I guess the last straw was my visit to Moroco Chocolat in Yorkville this afternoon. They had 12 flavours and I tried them all.... (27 bucks total) The only one that was remotely good was the salted caramel... but the caramel chunks were like gigantic! I like any decor on the macaron to be small and delicate like the macaron itself.. not big and clumsy.

The flavours were salted caramel, lemon, coffee, sour cherry, chocolate, orange chocolate, pistachio (which had this weird floral taste), lavender cassis (way too sweet jammy), vanilla (not that great), coconut, raspberry, peanut butter and jelly. The salted caramel crumbled nicely in my mouth and was not overly chewy like most of the rest. Peanut butter and jelly was overwhelmed by the taste of the jelly aka JAM. The lavendar cassis was also like biting into a jam cookie. I guess I'm not too into fruit/jelly fillings...... but when it comes to Pierre Herme's I can just eat them alllllll.. Sigh. Also, the filling was not as substantial in the Moroco Chocolat macarons... when you eat a PH macaron and you bite it in half you can see a good portion of the filling between the layers of the meringue... when you bite into these ones you get the meringue and meringue sandwiched against each other and the filling is nowhere to be seen! (slight exaggeration.. but it really wasn't much better)

So...... does anyone know where to get almond flour or finely ground almonds? I got some ground almonds before from Zehr's in Waterloo but I was hoping for something even more fine....

And does anyone know where we get those gold flakes or shimmery stuff for dusting?

On the side: Does anyone else get really annoyed when people call them macarOOns? I couldn't help but cringe upon hearing it referenced that way on a youtube video. Gah! And I'm sure they weren't talking about coconut macaroons because it was a special on macarons....

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