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Isn’t it about food and deliciousness?


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Isn’t it about food and deliciousness?

rworange | Feb 6, 2006 06:53 PM

Ok, another discussion about authenticity, appropriateness, and food preferences.

Here’s the deal.

A real lobster shack opened up near San Francisco. A small group of New Englanders on the board celebrate any chance to have a real fried clam roll every now and then.

On almost every single find of East Coast shellfish, there is a post that says local seafood is good enough. Stop wasting precious oil flying them lobsters across the country. The discussion ended with this statement:

“There's a charming, delightful place near Puerta Vallarta. It's a thatched-roof pavilion right on the beach and they feature fresh-caught lobster. How do you think that concept would play on the seashore in Maine, complete with flown-in spiny lobster? “

Well, my thought is that the only thing that should matter is that the place serves delicious food.

There might be all sorts of reasons that someone would appreciate a place like that in Maine
- that was their home
- it reminds them of a wonderful vacation
- it is something different and delicious
- reasons I can’t think of

I probably should have moved the discussion to this board myself, but I’ve been interested in cleaning some things up and was just on the board to see if there were any questions about the lobster shack that I could answer.

I’ll repeat some of discussion:

- There are few restaurants anywhere that serve strictly local food

- Following that logic, California produce shouldn’t go to the East Coast

- Should we give up tea, coffee, bananas etc because they can’t be locally produced? Should the delight of sipping European wine and beer be restricted to overseas vacations … and on and on

- It does a disservice to the restaurant being discussed. A few people might decide to go with the moral argument. In this case it is a small place, in a bad location, serving something different and doing a fine job. If the fuel is going to be wasted, isn’t it better to blast someplace like Red Lobster that doesn’t treat the seafood with the proper care.

- It discourages discussion about specific foods no matter how long a poster has been on the board. Most of us have our pet food causes which I won’t mention because it will divert this discussion to that. There are certain foods that make me grit my teeth when I read people drooing about them, yet I don’t respond because, well, I’d get deleted or told that it wasn’t in the narrow focus of Chowhound’s scope.

This is was the poster’s other comments in that last post:

“ Sorry if folks who happen to have East Coast roots take things personally when someone criticizes those eateries with bogus New England ambience located on our Pacific shore and which add additional inappropriateness by featuring jet-lagged seafood taken from Atlantic waters.

Anyway fellow hounds, this discussion is not about roots, it's about authenticity, appropriateness, and a preference for food that doesn't consume unnecessarily amounts of fossil fuel to get to our tables. “

Isn’t the bottom line ... does the food taste good?

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