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isi Cream Siphon: Size, Charge Pressure and a Sprinkle of Physics

Merkinz | May 23, 2012 01:16 AM

Hey all,

"Long time listener first time caller."

I have some burning questions regarding a new isi Cream Syphon I bought to experiment with :)

So I've been reading the Modernist Cuisine, Lucky Peach, and a number of other interesting publications and have been fascinated by their use of the cream siphons for various creams, foams and infusions. So I decided to get me some of that goodness. Great :)

They are so expensive where I live (New Zealand) but I managed to get a cheap second-hand one in excellent condition. HOWEVER, it's the 0.5L one. This generally isn't a big deal - I usually cook for two, especially when experimenting and there is a high probability for disaster! - but it is causing some confusion that google searches aren't resolving for me.

The problem is that all the recipes I read state specifically how many chargers to use ("Charge the syphon with two canisters"), but very few of the recipes state what size syphon they are using. I am assuming (and I have a fair amount of confidence in this assumption) that they are using a 1L syphon.

Now my questions are:
1) If the recipe calls for a 1L syphon to be charged with two gas canisters. Will using one gas canister in a 0.5L syphon result in the same internal pressure?
2) Does anyone know the actual pressure environment these things create? i.e. what is the pressure inside the 0.5L syphon when charged with one, two even three gas canister? What about a 1L syphon?
3) What are the real world limits for how many gas canisters can be charged into a 0.5L and 1L syphon?

If anyone can help me with these question I would be most grateful.


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