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The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs (Episode 3: "Lets All Go To The Lobby") [SPOILERS]

ipsedixit | Nov 13, 201106:59 PM

Tonight we're at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles where our chefs are asked to make one sweet and savory dish out of movie theater concession treats, e.g. chocolate raisins, malt balls, cinnamon candies, root beer, gummy candies, popcorn, etc.

Our hero from last time (read: winner), Chef Guarnaschelli gets the advantage and is allowed to choose which concession favorite she wants to cook with. Her choice? Chocolate raisins.

Our hero Chef Guarnaschelli also gets to dole out the other candies to the remaining chefs. You'll have to watch the show to figure out who gets what, but some highlights ... Anne Burrell gets root beer ... Hughes gets popcorn ... Zakarian those nasty oblong cinnamon candies ... Falkner is bequeathed those malt balls.

Apparently Zakarian is a control freak and cannot get the food processor to work -- even a Canadian can't help him out.

Guarnaschelli decides to make (what??) ice cream. Hmm.

Hughes is going to make (what else!) popcorn shrimp!

And I love, love the retirement home comment. Touché.

Onto judging ... and the reviews are in.

Judges love Burrell's riff on root beer desserts, as well as her inventive agrodolce.

Hughes makes a straight to Netflix dish with his popcorn shrimp -- "simply inedible" says one judge.

Malt balls in fish n chips? Why, yes! Falkner is Oscar-worthy, and her malt ball ice cream is said to be the "best thing I've eaten yet" by one judge. Yum.

How is Marcus going to compete? No duos for him, right? Meh.

Chiarello makes a lamb dish out of gummy candies and ... it works! His panna cotta? Not so much. "A funeral in my mouth" says one judge. Yikes.

MacMillan bombs with sweet and sour candy. Can't just hide an ingredient in garnish. Like trying to hide a $20M has-been, over-the-hill actress in a supporting role.

Chicken with cinnamon candy is a "winner" and "phenomenal". Zakarian is golden.

And last up is our hero from last time. Guarnaschelli makes friends with the lamb dish, but her ice cream is "off" and "grainy". Ick.

WINNER? FALKNER! (And she gives the judge a "food-gasm". Oy-ye-veh!)

Burrell and Zakarian are runner-ups.

LOSERS? MacMillan and Hughes.

Onto the Elimination Challenge! Secret Ingredient is ... tofu!

MacMillan makes (not a duo) but a trio?

Hughes stakes his claim on ... sauce? Yes, he does.

Well, looks like Hughes will have more "days off" than he had originally planned.

Lesson? Trio > duo!

Next week it's comedy night.

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